The Winning Messenger


Zulka is free messenger that gives back to its users. With Zulka, you get more than just a communication app, you can win cash prizes every week in Weekly Prize Draw. You could be in with the chance of winning a top prize of £500 every week for chatting and bringing your friends on board.


Here’s why you need to download Zulka App

  • Free Chats

    Message your family and friends for free* using a host of fun personalisation features. For messages, you send, you’ll receive prize draw tickets.

  • Earn Cash Prizes

    Join in the fun, every week, and be in with the chance of winning cash in Prize Draws. Collect tickets for using the messenger.

  • Free Video Calls

    Sometimes being there is what matters. Don’t let distance stop you from catching up with your family and friends. Enjoy Free video and voice calls with up to contacts.

  • Messaging To Other Apps

    Zulka takes messaging to the next level. Send messages and have video calls with friends who are using other Social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, email and more.

  • Personalised Messaging

    Personal messaging is more than just emojis. Add text, photos, draw, and even record your voice to Stickers, Greetings cards, Klipy and more to your messages.

  • Private App

    Have 13 privacy features to help keep your messages and content safe and protected.



    Have you ever sent a message to the wrong person or by mistake, take it back with Extract.


    Keep all your conversations, contacts and media (photo, videos and files) in a password protected area. Use Secret Chats to have discreet conversations with your friends, and use Secret Gallery to transfer all media sitting on your device in a password protected area.

  • BURN

    Lost your phone, or changed your number? Wipe out use App Burn to wipe out all your Zulka data. To have a self-cleaning facility for your app, use Chat Burn to wipe out sent and received messages.

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Win Cash Prizes Weekly with Prize Draws

We have teamed up with Wemet Management Services, the company behind Wemet Prize Draws,so we can give you more than just a messenger. Each week, there will be a new set of activities thatyou could be doing to collect tickets for the Prize Draw.

The more you do, the more tickets you’ll collect, giving you a higher chance of being a Prize Draw Winner.

So What Do Lucky Winners Get

      1st Prize of Rs.50,000/£500 goes to 1 winner

       2nd Prize of Rs.500/£5 goes to 50 users

       3rd Prize of Rs.100/£1 goes to 100 users

       4th Prize of Rs.10/12p + 100 store credits goes to 5,000 users

       5th Prize of Rs.5 + 100 store credits goes to 15,000 users

      6th Prize of Rs.2 + 100 store credits goes to 25,000 users


That gives you the Total Prize Pot Of Rs.2,75,000/£2750 to be won every week!

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